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Discussing the boundaries between good and evil, the plot takes place in Rio de Janeiro, and tells the story of Romulus Romero (Alexandre Nero), a former councilor who leads a life less obvious than it appears. He is a member of an NGO that rehabilitates former criminals, which is actually a criminal gang led by Uncle (Jackson Antunes), whose his arms Romero and Orlando (Eduardo Moscovis). Extremely popular among the people, is seen as a model for Dante (marco pigossi), his adopted son who is an honest cop. His life starts to change when he meets Toia (Vanessa Giacomo), hottest nightclub manager of Monkey Hill and bride of community leader Julian (Cauã Reymond), which from the start is not going to Romero's face. Child-rearing Djanira (cássia kis), Toia works for Adisabeba (Susana Vieira), woman who has an old rivalry with his mother, because of Zé Maria (Tony Ramos), mysterious man whose whereabouts are always known, since lives fleeing police because of a crime he swears not have committed. Former prostitute who over time has been buying much of the Morro da Macaca, Adisabeba owns the largest of the hill which has become a refined location. One that intersects with the life of Romero, is Athena (Giovanna Antonelli), one estelionatária spending all the money you can in as fast as the wins, enjoying every luxury and all the best you can.