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Soul Hunter (1999)

1 season.



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Taikoubou is a lazy guy whose philosophy is that if he never tries very hard at anything, he'll never be asked to do anything; during times that he should be studying or meditating, he's usually napping or goofing off. Taikoubou's outlook turns on him, however, when China's Yin dynasty becomes too infested with demons to ignore. The Immortal High Council comes up with a plan to exterminate the demons, but it's a dangerous task and whoever undertakes it could very well be killed. So why send in a perfectly competent warrior and potentially waste his life when they could just send in a do-nothing like Taikoubou? Now he is out on his own, learning as he goes along and surprising himself and his superiors. It's not easy, but could Taikoubou have had the potential for greatness all this time and just never tapped into it?