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Queer Eye (2003-07)

5 seasons.



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As part of the Bravo cable network's month-long paean to the gay community in the summer of 2003, this provocatively titled program featured five gay style experts, who on each episode tried to teach a confirmed heterosexual how to improve his home environment and broaden his outlook on fashion, food, etc. -- all within a mere 24 hours. Designating themselves the "Fab Five," the experts included grooming specialist Kyan Douglas, food-and-wine connoisseur Ted Allen, clothing expert Carson Kressley, interior-design guru Thom Filicia, and culture consultant Jai Rodriguez. No, the boys weren't trying to "convert" anyone: It was all in fun, and it also proved to be rather instructive to non-gay (and non-judgmental) viewers. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered July 15, 2003.