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Knights of Ramune (1997)

2 seasons.



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Knights of Ramune is an anime OVA that follows the adventures of Cacao and Parfait, holy virgins, in their search and rescue mission of the 4th Warrior Ramunes, given to them by the apparent head of their religious order, Master Follower. They are joined in these adventures by Lemon, a twelve-year-old girl, and PQ, a hand-sized blob with a face that is an expert on spiritual topics. The OAV is known as VS Knight Lamune and 40 Fresh in Japan, and is a sequel to VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire, an anime television series; it was released in the U.S. by Software Sculptors and Central Park Media. It features generous amounts of nudity, fanservice, and sexual themes, making this OVA significantly different from the original TV series. Many of the characters are named after various drinks, especially alcoholic ones.