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Dragon Half (1993)

1 season.



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Dragon Half is a manga created by Ryūsuke Mita and serialized in Monthly Dragon Magazine from 1988 to 1994. It was adapted into a two episode anime OVA series in 1993. ADV Films licensed the anime series in North America. The story follows Mink, a half human/half dragon teenage girl on a quest for a potion which will turn her into a full human so that she can win the love of the legendary dragon slayer Dick Saucer. In the manga, in order to get the potion, she must slay Azetodeth, the greatest demon in the land. The story is very tongue-in-cheek, and pokes fun at a number of anime clichés, most notably its overuse of super deformation and its wide range of genres in a similar way to anime such as Excel Saga. Much of the manga contains references to role-playing games and occasionally either other manga or anything that begins with the word dragon. Ryūsuke Mita's favorite animal is the dragon. As a result, several dragons play an important role in the manga, most notably Mana and her father, Titan.