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Phil McGraw

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Phil McGraw, better known to most people as the television personality and best-selling author Dr. Phil, started to gain world-wide attention when he became a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey's hugely successful afternoon talk show. McGraw put his degree in psychology to use by forming a company that used their knowledge to help lawyers and clients utilize mock trials in order to help plan strategy. After Winfrey was sued for comments she made about the beef industry, she engaged that company's services. Dr. Phil's straightforward manner impressed Winfrey, and soon he was making regular appearances to discuss human behavior, and offering tips on how people can "get real" and take responsibility for their lives. He eventually became the star and host of his own program, aptly named Dr. Phil, on which he tackled topics such as parenting, female empowerment, and the fallout from Hurricane Katrina.