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A. Whitney Brown

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A well-known humorist renowned for his quick wit and sharp sense of political and social satire, A. Whitney Brown is a familiar face to many television viewers due to his performances on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show. A former street busker who would captivate audiences with his trained dog and juggling skills, Brown gained a following in 1976 when he performed against such comedy heavyweights as Robin Williams and Dana Carvey at the San Francisco Comedy Competition. He married Cynthia Swanson that same year, and the following decade found Brown gaining even more exposure when he joined the Saturday Night Live writing staff in 1985. Joining the cast the following year, Brown stayed with the show until 1991, appearing in the interactive motion picture I'm Your Man the following year. Brown offered his writing skills to the short-lived Comedy Central series Exit 57 in 1995, and the next year he began his two-year stint as a correspondent for the popular news satire series The Daily Show, which aired on the same network. In addition to his work in film and television, Brown is also the author of the book {-The Big Picture: An American Commentary.