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Angie Stone Angie Stone

Angie Stone

Columbia, South Carolina, United States

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• Is an only child.

• Started her career as part of the female rap trio Sequence alongside Gwendolyn Chisolm and Cheryl Cook.

• Developed sarcoidosis, a disease affecting the upper respiratory system, but continued her singing career. 

• Cowrote and coproduced former boyfriend D'Angelo's 1995 album Brown Sugar.

• Named her debut album Black Diamond after her daughter. It won the Billboard Magazine Album of the Year Award in 2000.

• Sang the theme song for the UPN sitcom Girlfriends.

• Was a contestant on the fourth season of Celebrity Fit Club in 2006. 

• Toured with Sisters in the Spirit, a gospel-like group, in 2007.

• Is a diabetic; became involved with the F.A.C.E. Diabetes Foundation and began working with them on a diabetes awareness campaign in 2008.

• Titled her 2010 album Unexpected following her father's sudden death while she was recording the album.