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A new era for live TV.

Simplify your living room with a device that combines live TV, video-on-demand and streaming services in a unified discovery experience.

The simplest remote ever imagined. Zero buttons. All touch.

It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, by design. Simply swipe, tap and explore as if touching the TV screen from your couch.

An entertainment discovery engine. Not just apps.

Get inspired with recommendations from friends, movie critics and what’s trending now.

Once you know what to watch, Fan TV will take you right to it.

Choose any movie or show and you’ll instantly see where and when you can watch it – whether on live TV, video-on-demand or a streaming service.

Your WatchList tracks your favorite entertainment so you don’t have to.

Create a personalized WatchList from any device (mobile, web, or TV). Fan TV will keep you posted when and where your movies and shows are available to watch - in theaters, across streaming services or on TV.

Simple setup without a visit from the cable guy.

No coax cable means there’s no need for an installation appointment with your cable provider. It only takes a few minutes to set-up Fan TV on your own.

Save a little Green

Fan TV requires 23% less energy than a traditional cable box, which adds up to significant energy savings and a lower utility bill each month.

It is far closer to Steve Jobs’ vision for a revolutionary TV product than Apple’s own Apple TV.

The Fan TV remote is one of those forehead-smacking leaps in simplification that makes you wonder why every other company isn’t doing things this way.

Rather like the ’80s version of Prince, this tiny device is multi-talented.

Fan TV … could very seriously revolutionize the way that pay TV subscribers interact with their TV programming.

If the box looks good, the user interface looks even better … certainly prettier than anything your cable company can offer.

This is the Future of Television.
This is Fan TV.

Available now to all Time Warner Cable subscribers.

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